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Fic: Just for you 1/?
Title: Just for you
Pairing: Santana/Brittany Quinn/Rachel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “I’m not jealous and I know you are not my girlfriend. You are my…girl-friend.”
Spoilers: Ballads episode…or intended.
Disclaimer: not my characters. All of Glee, so don’t sue me. (LOL)
PS. I made this fic last year in 2010. I did this new LJ to start doing fics in here.

Brittany and Santana were having an argument about girls, more specifically, “Man hands”. Brittany was spending too much time with Rachel and Santana was awkwardly jealous even though she didn’t want to admit it. Why was she was feeling jealous? Because she felt like Brittany was hiding something from her and if it’s true, it will upset her big time. They talk about anything, but now she wasn’t sure about that anymore.

“Brittany, are we going to practice our routines later? We need to practice our jumps. I don’t want Coach Sylvester saying Artie jumps higher than us anymore,” said Santana.

“I would love that but I can’t practice with you today. I have to…I need to do something later.” Brittany didn’t look at her. She was staring at the floor and tapping her feet’s desperately.

“Is something wrong? Britt, if you need help with something, you can tell me. You don’t need Berrytard.” Berrytard, that’s a good one. She needs to write that one down later...

“What are you talking about? I’m not…I just wanted to ask her something. I think you are overreacting, why are you so mad?”
“I’m not mad; it’s just that you are spending too much time with other people and not enough with me.” Santana was feeling frustrated and at the same time angry with herself. She wasn’t used to feeling that way. She was embarrassed for showing weakness.

Brittany asked, “Are you jealous? Why would you be? It’s not like I’m your girlfriend or anything like that.” Those words came out quickly without thinking and then she was blushing intensely realizing what she has said. The brown eyed girl looked at her puzzled but then the word girlfriend gave her shivers down her spine and all she wanted to do was grab Brittany in her arms and tell her she wanted to be, but she wasn’t sure how the blond would react to that. Santana was denying her feelings towards the blonde, but she realized she can’t control the way she feels every time she sees her. Every look, every non-intentional touch, the long legs and blue eyes her friend has. Those features that the Latina girl learned to love were part of her life now. She knew in these moments she would to do anything to get Brittany.

“I’m not jealous and I know you are not my girlfriend. You are my…girl friend.”

“Ok, this is confusing. I’m not your girlfriend but I’m your girl friend? Isn’t that the same thing?”
“Well...I’m a girl and your friend. You want to be my…” Brittany didn’t know what else to say. She knew something was wrong in that sentence. How can she be Santana’s girl friend and not be official? No. They are pals, buddies, comrades, sisters…no, she’s not my sister. She’s too hot to be my sister I mean…she’s an exotic Latina. What she was thinking?

“Britt, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it. I know what you are to me.”

“Santana, we need to relax a little and…come on!” Brittany gave her a big hug and suddenly she felt like bolts of electricity surrounding her. The blonde girl was feeling the touch of Santana’s darker skin and it was something new that she wasn’t sure how to describe it. She had hugged the Latina before but this time was full of new emotions. Santana stood there holding her tight, with the urge to kiss the girl and tell her how she felt. Her hands went down to Brittany’s waist and she laid her head against her friend’s shoulder. She smelled the sweet scent of the blonde and how good the feeling was. She was hoping for the time to stop and be there feeling her friends embrace. Brittany looked in Santana’s deep brown eyes and softly she pressed her lips in the other girl’s cheek.

“I’ll see you later San, I promise to jump higher than…wait, how Artie can jump higher than us? Oh, probably cause of his wheel chair’s special thingy that can make him jump like he’s in a pogo stick? That’s awesome! I need one of those, bye.”

Later that day, Santana went to the cafeteria to look for her girl but Brittany wasn’t there. She looked everywhere and notice that the annoying Berry anywhere to be seen either. Immediately, her face went serious and she became worried. She saw Quinn sitting at one of the tables and went directly to her.

“Quinn, do you know where your nun with horrible fashion sense is?” she crossed her arms waiting impatiently for an answer.
“Okay she may have terrible taste, but a nun? Nuns don’t do freaky things like Rachel does. Wow, she can stretch parts of her body like you can’t imagine…”

“Hey, that’s too much information Fabray! It’s kind of disturbing. I don’t wanna know what those man hands do to you, uuurgh…I just want to know where Berry is.”

“Why you want to know where Rachel is? You are not planning to surprise her with a slushie facial, do you?”

“No, that would be awesome but it’s not for that. I need to find her to…forget it; you are not helping at all.”

“Don’t do anything stupid. I’ll be watching you, don’t you dare touch her, Lopez!”

“Trust me; I rather touch a cactus than her.” Santana went out the cafeteria thinking about how Quinn and Rachel got together.

No one knows about that yet, only Brittany and her. It was kind of weird and unbelievable that Quinn, Quinn Fabray liked…that girl who dresses like a 5 year old. She always seems to hate that girl but now she can’t get enough of her. She envied Quinn for that, at least she was brave enough to show Rachel her feelings. It was odd because Santana always seemed to be the brave one, but not when it comes to love. It was difficult for her to go after Brittany knowing she was her best friend and nothing else. They both fooled around before but she had always said that sex wasn’t dating. It’s not like Britt had feelings for her. She thought she was being stupid but then she remembered when Brittany hugged her. It felt different, like she knew something was changing. But Santana wouldn’t give up hope.

The Latina girl walked all over the halls looking for Brittany and she felt desperate. She didn’t want to show people how weak or lost she was at that moment. Come on, it’s Santana “Fearless” Lopez! But I think there’s just one person who make her feel that way and it was hard to admit it but Brittany wasn’t her friend anymore, she wanted more than that. Walking down the halls, she heard something near the Glee club classroom; it sounded like giggles.

She was curious and went inside to see what was happening. Santana couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Brittany and Treasure Trail together. The petite girl was behind the tall girl, touching her stomach while laughing contagiously and looking like they were having fun. Santana was furious at that scene she was contemplating. Her head was about to explode and she could to kick the midget’s ass in a second. But instead, she just ran away. That felt like a real live nightmare, or worse. There was no way she could ever have Brittany’s heart.


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